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Paper Street Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Reviews

  • Warminster mixed martial arts

    Fantastic knowledgeable coaching with an exciting welcoming yet challenging Atmosphere!

    Jason is very motivated to see you do well!

    Patrick M
  • Warminster mixed martial arts

    Great training for both beginners and those who are more advanced. The classes are focused and collaborative. The students are awesome too - no big egos.

    Jason M
  • Warminster mixed martial arts

    Thank you Jason, PJ and all the other guys for the great care you gave my son Drew with his injury tonight at class. You all kept him calm and comfortable, treated him like family. Thank you!

    Mary B
  • Warminster mixed martial arts

    It's a damn fine gym (it's about to be much bigger,a block away) filled with good people and fantastic instruction. Everyone from the instructors to the students are all very approachable and go out of their way to make sure you succeed...or you could just make another stupid New Years resolution to go to Planet Fitness, get bored, and quit in a month. Why don't you give this a try instead?

    James R
  • Warminster mixed martial arts

    Great teacher, great atmosphere, and great people. The way Jay teaches is easy to learn and understand and if it's not he does what he can to help. Give it a try this place is awesome!

    Corey B
  • Warminster mixed martial arts

    The instruction is absolutely amazing Jay is patient, thorough and great at breaking down moves step by step. He knows how to push his students so they meet the goals they set for themselves. However what keeps me coming back is not soley my love for the sport or my personal goals but the family that gets built at paperstreet. I dont know any other place where your coach and teammates inquire into any length of absence and start checking in with you any way possible. This family goes above and beyond checking in with each other via Facebook or even just a friendly txt to see how it's going. Overall for the instruction and family environment it's the best gym around, you can't beat it.

    Sondra M
  • Warminster mixed martial arts

    Great for all ages and levels. 13 year old son has been Jason's student for almost three years. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

    Chris M
  • Warminster mixed martial arts

    My son has learned so much from his experience at Paper Street. The owner Jason is a great guy and excellent instructor. My son is 12 and has been going for over a year. The other people that work out at facility have treated him with respect and share text knowledge with him. I recommend Paper Street to everyone I meet.

    Jodi M
  • Warminster mixed martial arts

    The staff are very knowledgable and truly care about the success and progress of each student that they train. Weather you are an MMA fighter looking for a fight camp, or someone that is looking to pick of the basics of Brazilian jiu-jitsu or boxing this is the place to be.

    Christoper G
  • Warminster mixed martial arts

    I was at Naga in PA a few years back and I was watching Amenda Levey fighting some boy ...think she lost that one? Then she jumped Matts and schools some women ,then one more. That was cool! This guy next to me says man shes good ,then the guy on the other side said thats Amenda levey. I remember seeing her fight and thinking that my daughter has been training now for 3 yrs....hope she gets that good! Well I asked whos trained her or what school....the one guy says Paper street BJJ . Well u guys must have done something right! Now I know shes changed schools ...and I can say you guys laid a great foundation for her. 5stars!

    Dave C
  • Warminster mixed martial arts

    Great atmosphere, cordial, talented owner. He has an extensive resume and has superb technique. His students are very technical and part of a winning team of grapplers and fighters. I recommend this facility to anyone wanting to learn some new technique and get in some great rolls.

    John P


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